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Daniel Alurralde

PEOPLE Madison Interim Coordinator

Adam Anderson

Assessment and Evaluation Lead

J.J. Andrews

PEOPLE Assessment and Data Specialist

Rosie Bae

Data and Analytics Lead

Maddie Blanchard

Workplace Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Outreach Specialist

Sarah Brandt

Disability Program Coordinator / Employee Accommodation Specialist

Matthew Braver

Employee Accommodation Specialist

Donnell Brice

PEOPLE Milwaukee Precollege Advisor

Savion Castro

OMAI Project Assistant

Catherine Chan

Assistant Vice Provost for High Impact Practices

Suzie Chang

MJLSP Program Advisor and Outreach Liaison

LaVar J. Charleston

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion

Deanna Collins

Special Projects Administrator

Luz del Carmen Arroyo Calderon

PEOPLE Associate Director - Madison Precollege

Kristin Erickson

Employee Accommodation Specialist

Gia Euler-Plath

OMAI Outreach Coordinator and Academic Advisor

Brenda Florencio-Reyes

PEOPLE Madison PreCollege Advisor

Sofia Garcia Garbuno

DDEEA Internship Program Project Assistant

Sarah Gernetzke

PEOPLE Milwaukee College Readiness Mentor

Ryan Grady

CeO Associate Director for STEM

CJ Greer

McNair Project Assistant

Heidi Hakseth

MJLSP Executive Assistant

Audra Hernández

Director of the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program

Laura Hiebing

Indigenous Student Services Coordinator

Kia Hunter

PEOPLE Madison Associate Director

Pilar Itati Olvera

PEOPLE Precollege Advisor

Kristina Jackson

PEOPLE Milwaukee Precollege Advisor

Julie Janiak

Director of the Center for Educational Opportunity

Rickesha Jewell

PEOPLE Milwaukee Financial Specialist II

Miranda Jordan

NDGNS Project Assistant

Justin Kotoris

Executive Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer

Barbara Lanser

Director of Employee Disability Resources

Raul A. Leon

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Engagement and Scholarship Programs

Olubukola "Bukky" Leonard

PEOPLE Education Content Specialist - Math

Africa Lozano-Yarl

Director, Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services

Paul Ly Tong Pao

PEOPLE Madison Precollege Services Advising Specialist

Simon Ly

PEOPLE Madison Precollege Services Advising Specialist

Torsheika Maddox

Senior Operations Officer & Chief of Staff

Tegan Maier

Divisional Financial Manager

Megan McGarry Bouapha

CeO Associate Director of SSS & ASAP

Angela M. Miller

Assistant Vice Provost for Accessibility and Belonging Administration

David Miller

Employee Accommodation Specialist

Kat Muschlewski

Divisional Administrative Manager

Erica Neal

Administrative Specialist

Denasha Osborn

PEOPLE Madison Precollege Advisor

Mia Owens

Education and Wellbeing Coordinator

Terrance Paape

CeO SSS Academic Advisor

Tommy Pack

PEOPLE - Academic Lead

Hyewon Park

CeO SSS STEM Advisor

Shawn Peters

CeO Writing & Study Skills Specialist, Instructor

Luis A. Piñero

Senior Special Assistant - Workforce Equity, Diversity Education, and Outreach;
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Emma Porterwinkel

Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program Advisor

Ana Ramos Contreras

PEOPLE Milwaukee Precollege Advisor

Faran Saeed

Director of the Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program

Courtney Schmidt

Employee Accommodation Specialist

Salima Seale

OMAI Technical Events Director

Simone Sease

PEOPLE Milwaukee Precollege Advisor

Kara Sellers

Director of Finance and Administration

Karin Silet

LCICE Diversity and Inclusion Manager

mapenzi Simekha

McNair Project Assistant

Lyric Simonian-Holiday

OMAI - Hip Hop Artist in Residency Program Coordinator

Sofía Snow

Director, Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives

Ngijol Songolo

Social Media and Web Specialist

Elizabeth (Liz) Stanislawski

Executive Director of Communications

Sadie Stelter

Executive Assistant to the Senior Operations Officer/Chief of Staff

Jenn Streator

Disability Program Coordinator / Employee Accommodation Specialist

Kao Yong Thao

MJLSP Associate Director

Sandra Vega-Semorile

PEOPLE Madison Educational Content Specialist

Goodson Vue

PEOPLE College Associate Director

Kimberly Vue

PEOPLE Advising Manager

Carl Wesley

PEOPLE Madison Precollege Advisor

Monica White

PEOPLE Milwaukee Outreach Program Manager

Gloria Woo

PEOPLE Milwaukee Outreach Associate

James Yonker

Director of the Office of Strategic Diversity Planning and Research

Matt Zeller

PEOPLE Madison Educational Content Specialist

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