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JVN Project Continues to Honor the Memory of John ‘Vietnam’ Nguyen with Hip Hop, Love & Learning

Inspired by the life and love of John Vietnam Nguyễn, The JVN Project presents the 4th annual JVN Day Hip Hop Festival: This is Alchemy!  This festival provides participants opportunities to engage in the tenets of Hip-Hop culture and understand that creativity is how we best generate solutions.  … Read More

Madison emcee takes another big step on latest work

  On All.This.Gold, Madison emcee from Chicago Rich Robbins exhibits the ambition typical of a sophomore project with none of the pitfalls. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin’s First Wave program and Chicago’s spoken word scene, Rich Robbins … Read More

UW: No changes needed to affirmative action policy after Supreme Court decision

 UW-Madison will not have to change its affirmative action policies after the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a challenge to the use of race in college admissions, officials said. The Supreme Court’s decision in Fisher v. Texas could have resulted in major changes to how colleges across the country factor … Read More

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