University of Wisconsin–Madison

DDEEA Central Staff


Jeff Brown

Administrative Program Specialist/ Special Assistant

Jacqueline Dewalt

Director of External Relations, Partnerships, and Development

(608) 265-5722

Patrick Sims

Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer

(608) 262-0751

Business Services

Communications and Events

Mary Carr Lee

Director of Communications

(608) 890-4383

Valeria Davis

University Relations

(608) 262-0751

Bascom Hall

Pipeline and Recruitment Programs

Nancy Blake

Pre-College Coordinator

(608) 852-7714

Gloria Hawkins

Assistant Vice Provost & Director of Chancellor's Scholars and Powers Knapp's Scholarship Programs

(608) 262-6308

Eric Williams

Asst Vice Provost for Student Diversity & Academic Excellence

(608) 890-4385

Research and Data Management

Torsheika Maddox

Administrative Project Manager & Researcher

(608) 262-0751

175 Bascom Hall

Tena Madison

Director of Data Management

(608) 262-0751

260 Middleton Bldg.

Ruby Paredes

Assistant Vice Chancellor & Campus Minority Diversity Coordinator

(608) 262-5175