Shared Governance

From the Chief Diversity Officer to front-line staff, Division of Diversity Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) members work to embody and support diversity, equity, and educational excellence by partnering in the work of diversity & inclusion-focused shared governance committees and divisional bodies.

Shared governance gives representation to academic staff, university staff, faculty and students, who all take part in making significant decisions concerning the operation of the university. Shared governance is a unique and important aspect of life at the UW. Learn more about shared governance at UW–Madison.

Shared Governance Committees

These campus committees, described in Faculty Policies & Procedures and sometimes referred to as “Chapter 6” committees, generally meet monthly from September to May. They may convene subcommittees or work groups to advance ongoing efforts during the summer.

Information about their current leadership, membership, and administrative support is available in Committee Tracker (log-in required), a shared governance database hosted by the offices of the Secretary of the Faculty, Secretary of the Academic Staff and Secretary of the University Staff.

For more information about these committees, please contact the Office of the Secretary of Faculty

Committee for Women in the University

Recommends to administrative offices and governance bodies changes in university priorities, policies, practices and programs that would improve the status of women.

LGBTQ+ Committee

Recommends to administrative offices and governance bodies changes in university priorities, policies, practices and programs that advance equity and diversity across the spectrum of gender identity and expression and sexual orientation.

Equity & Diversity Chairs Committee

In May 1997 the Faculty Senate passed legislation (Faculty Document 1260b) requiring the deans or directors of twenty nine academic and administrative units to establish “equity and diversity committees.” These committees identify, address, and monitor diversity and climate issues affecting faculty, staff, and students within their respective divisions. The Division regularly convenes a working group of Equity & Diversity Committee chairs.

Committee on Disability Access & Inclusion

Advises the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator and other institutional units with primary responsibility for ADA compliance, and support their work to ensure the policies, programs and services of the institution are accessible for students, employees and guests of the university who have disabilities.

Campus Diversity Representatives

Deans and directors of each school, college or division appoint a representative to serve as a point person for diversity and coordinate initiatives promoting and supporting the academic achievement of students—in particular, students from historically underrepresented groups. Diversity Representatives work with administrative leaders, faculty and staff to address issues of climate in the classroom and workplace.

The deputy vice chancellor and chief diversity officer regularly convenes Campus Diversity Representatives as a key working group furthering UW–Madison’s strategic priority to “enhance diversity and ensure excellence in education and research.”

For more information, contact Heidi Hakseth.

Immigration & International Issues Committee

Provides general advice and recommendations to the administration and all governance bodies on immigration and international student and staff issues.