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Shared Governance

20131021_Diversity_Forum_062The Division of Diversity Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) works closely with several shared governance committees. From vice provost Patrick Sims to Division front line staff, the DDEEA works to embody and support diversity equity and educational excellence by serving as representatives on committees or helping to facilitate and staff them.

Shared governance gives representation to academic staff, university staff, faculty and students, who all take part in making significant decisions concerning the operation of the university. Shared governance is a unique and important aspect of life at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Learn more…

Diversity and Inclusion Shared Goverance Committees

  • Advisory Committee for Office of Equity & Diversity


    Contact Information:

    Point of Contact: Professor Parmesh Ramanathan

    Introduction: The committee works with the Director of the Office for Equity and Diversity, providing consultation and oversight and advises the university administration and governance organizations on policy issues related to affirmative action and compliance.

    When do they meet: Once a month (every third Friday)

  • Campus Diveristy & Climate Committee (CDCC)


    Contact Information:

    Point of contact: Patrick Sims

    Introduction: This shared governance body advises the administration, the faculty, the academic staff, the classified staff, and the recognized student governance organization on campus diversity and climate policy, which strives to create an environment where each individual feels respected, valued and supported, while respecting academic freedom and freedom of speech. 1. Provides for faculty, staff and student participation in long-range planning. 2. Meets twice annually with the chancellor and provost to discuss policy and progress. 3. Hears reports from groups, units, programs and administrators. 4. Holds the annual campus-wide policy and progress forum. 5. Assists the administration in the preparation of annual reports to the UW System, Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Assembly, classified staff shared governance, represented labor groups, and student governance body. 6. Meets periodically with deans and directors to discuss policy and progress. 7. Collaborates with other groups, programs and units on matters of diversity and climate. 8. Makes policy recommendations.

    When do they meet: Once a month (Wednesday)

  • Committee for LGBTQ People in the University


    Contact Information:

    Point of Contact: Lindsey Stoddard Cameron

    Introduction: The Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues was created in 1994 by the Faculty Senate as the Committee on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues and was charged with reporting to the senate on the state of the curriculum and campus climate for GLB students, faculty, and staff. Although in subsequent years the committee was reorganized as a joint-governance committee and renamed to include explicitly transgender concerns in order to strengthen its reach and representation, its mission remains the same. By recommendation of a previous assessment, the committee offers a formal report at least every three years.

    When do they meet: Once a month (Tuesday)

  • Committee on Women in the University (CWU)


    Contact Information: and

    Point of Contact: Rebecca Scheller and Lindsey Stoddard Cameron

    Introduction: The Committee recommends to administrative offices and governance bodies changes in university priorities, policies, practices and programs that would improve the status of women. Collaborates and consults with administrative offices and governance bodies to more fully support gender equity, employee engagement, an inclusive and respectful culture, and diversity. Evaluates and monitors the status of women employees at the university. Specific topics include: Childcare, Parental leave, and lactation rooms.

    When do they meet: Once a month (Tuesday)

  • Equity & Diveristy Committee (EDC)


    Contact Information: Jacqui Scott-Papke

    Point of Contact:

    Introduction: Based on a 1998 shared governance mandate, each academic unit and large administrative division appoints an Equity & Diversity Chair to serve on the Equity and Diversity Committee (EDC). In such role, the EDCs identify, address, and monitor diversity and climate issues affecting faculty, staff, and students within each respective unit or division. In addition, they are convened monthly by the Division of Equity, Diversity, & Education Achievement.

    When do they meet: Once a month

  • Minority Disadvantaged Coordinators (MDC)


    Contact Information:

    Point of Contact: Ruby Paredes

    Introduction: As point person for diversity in school, college or division, the Diversity Officer or MDC (Minority Disadvantaged Coordinator) is charged to coordinate initiatives to promote and support the academic achievement of students—in particular, students from underrepresented and targeted groups. Diversity Officers or MDCs work with their administrative leaders, faculty and staff to address issues of climate in the classroom and workplace. In addition, they are regularly convened by the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, serving as one of the key working groups for the campus wide strategic priority to “enhance diversity and ensure excellence in education and research.”

    When do they meet: Once a month (every third Thursday)