UHS Black History Month Event: A Community Conversation About the Preservation, Health, and Strength of Black Men

As part of UW-Madison’s recognition of Black History Month, University Health Services Mental Health Services will host a panel event next Monday, February 22 titled Beyond Resilience: A community conversation about the preservation, health, and strength of Black Men. Please share with students who may be interested.     uhs.wisc.edu/bhm2021panel/

Moderated by UHS psychologist Corey Steele, panelists include Dennis McLeod of Vanderbilt University and Chris Walker of UW-Madison.

The conversation will highlight current concerns, demonstrate how to have deeper conversations about overall health, and explore the strengths found in Black manhood which includes how to reach out for support. When participants leave the space, we hope they will feel energized to continue the conversation within their own spheres of influence and encouraged to utilize the resources available to them.

Monday, February 22, 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Register here: