2017 Diversity Forum–Day 2: Cultural Competency Training Workshops

Cultural Competency Workshop Training for Mental Health Specialists, Student Service Professionals and Advisors 

WORKSHOPS: (View or Download the full brochure)

*Each participant can select three of the six optional workshop sessions to attend.  Lunch will be provided during one of the workshops sessions.

  • Remaining Accountable to Marginalized Student Populations: Addressing Bias Incidents and Creating an Inclusive Campus Community.  Moderators: Satya Chima and Cleda Wang 
  • Conflict Resolution Approaches for Deescalating Tense Situations  Moderators: Simone Collins and Felix Savino
  • Gender Identity and Expression: Growing Cultural Competency of LGBTQ+ populations  Moderators: Gabe Javier and Katherine Charek Briggs
  • Recovery from Effects of Childhood Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) to be successful in life and in the classroom.  Moderator: Angela Willits
  • Adjusting to UW-Madison Campus Life No Matter Where You’re From Moderator: Kate Dougherty
  • Compassion fatigue and resiliency: Developing coping skills to keep doing our best work   Moderators: Angela Janis and Danielle Gautt

Registration:  http://go.wisc.edu/a9van3