Statement on diversity advances

The University Staff Congress became the latest UW-Madison shared governance group to endorse a proposed institutional statement on diversity on Monday.  

The statement was written and reviewed by representatives of the shared governance groups, including the University Staff Committee, the Academic Staff Committee, the Campus Diversity and Climate Committee, the Equity and Diversity Chairs Committee, and senior university leaders. The Faculty Senate endorsed the resolution in September, followed by the Academic Staff Congress earlier this month. The Associated Students Movement, the university’s fourth shared governance group, will take up the statement at its meeting on Nov. 2. 

“The statement represents a formal affirmation of our commitment to diversity,” said Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer Patrick Sims. “It embodies the spirit behind the work and the results called for in the Diversity Framework. Adopting a statement like this points us all in the same direction and reminds us why we do what we do.”