On Friday, February 5, 1971 volume 1, number 1 of THE BLACK VOICE was released to the University of Wisconsin Madison campus. The paper was a “new vehicle on which Black people can transmit their thoughts.” During a time of turmoil and overt rejection from the greater campus community Black students created a place where their needs, conversations, interests, and community could be centralized beyond the realms of physical space.Fast forward 44 years later and Welcome B(l)ack *in my Mase voice*.  The Black student body as it currently stands is still in need of such a space. While we recognize that there is no such thing as a singular proverbial Black voice even within the Black student body on campus, THE BLACK VOICE functions as a space in which you (and yo mama) can be soooo unapologetically Black that _______. All manifestations and definitions of Black identity (not including “New Black” and “transracial”) are welcome, acknowledged, and praised here.“With THE BLACK VOICE, this new endeavor, let us all become determined to progress, let us all refuse to stagnate, and let us all refuse to retrogress. This is a long awaited beginning.”Or in the words of pre-Kim Kanye “from the moments of pain, look how far we done came. Haters saying you changed, now you doing your thang.” *Follow us on Twitter @BlackVoicesUW   Hashtag #BeingBlackatUW