Internship Program

The DDEEA Internship Program supports and motivates youth leaders at UW–Madison to ensure the success of programs within the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement. The program provides high-impact employment opportunities for students to develop marketable work experience that combines their interests, identities and ideas.

Interns have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally as leaders in diversity and inclusion as they work in an environment that is dedicated to diverse work at UW–Madison while also being able to express and celebrate all their intersecting identities.

Interns who join the program commit to a yearlong paid internship, working in areas such as research, external relations, administration, communications, events, and the division’s student scholarship and service programs.

Reasons to Apply

  • Flexible hours (10-13 hours per week on average)
  • Competitive pay ($15 per hour)
  • Paid professional development activities
  • Networking opportunities within the DDEEA and beyond UW-Madison
  • Engagement with a cohort of other interns of various diverse backgrounds
  • A work environment that supports your dual role as a student & campus leader

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Interns reflect on the internship program

Young woman

“This internship has given me so many mentors and such a large support group. Each mentor has helped me prepare for life beyond college and has helped me grow professionally and personally. I enjoyed my chats with them and getting to hear from people who truly cared about my wellbeing.”

student in a classroom

“Not only have I gained professional skills to advance myself academically and professionally, but working with a group of people that are truly invested in your growth has been a huge encouragement.”

student worker looking in files

“One of my favorite parts about working in the Red Gym is interacting with the community of people we help serve every day. Our scholars are working hard to succeed in their academic fields and if we can help ease or foresee problems they may have, that makes our job fulfilling.”

Staff reflect on the internship program

student at a laptop

“I think internships vary year by year but overall in my tenure at UW–Madison, I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism of our interns.”

conference room meeting with about 5 students

“The internship program has provided me with students who are able to contribute to our work in meaningful ways that positively impact the division.”

student consulting with an administrator

“It’s been so rewarding to watch the divisional students grow throughout my time in the division and see firsthand the impact that interns make.”