Bagels & Research: Autoethnography and minoritized college student-engaged participatory action research

You are invited to the Morgridge Center for Public Service’s February Bagels and Research presentation next Thursday, February 4, from 9-10am. This event will be held via zoom and we encourage you to bring your bagel and coffee to join virtually.

Presenters: MaiNeng Vang, Bailey Smolarek, & Matthew Wolfgram, Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions/Wisconsin Center for Education Research

While participatory action research (PAR) has been used as a research methodology in many fields including public health and K12 education, there is a lack of research that uses the approach to address problems in higher education policy studies. PAR in higher education research offers a much-needed methodology and pedagogical approach that privileges the knowledge and experiences of college students from minoritized backgrounds, interrogates issues of power and privilege, and coordinates action towards equitable change.

This project describes Our HMoob American College Paj Ntaub, an ongoing college student-engaged participatory action research project to document, critique, and inform advocacy to support the experiences of HMoob American students at University of Wisconsin-Madison; a predominantly white, public flagship institution located in a state with a sizable HMoob American community facing significant educational challenges.

The talk will describe the research partnership between HMoob American college student activists and education researchers, and highlight the transformative role of autoethnographic writing to inform every aspect of the project: from the development of research questions and methods, to data collection, analysis, and writing, to the development of research-informed advocacy for policies to support HMoob American students on campus.

The Morgridge Center’s Bagels and Research presentations highlight community-engaged scholarship at UW. Presenters include graduate students, faculty, staff, and community practitioners. If you are interested in presenting, please let me know!

Please send Laura Livingston any questions about next Thursday’s presentation at