UW-Madison Diversity Inventory launches a new website

The UW–Madison Diversity Inventory, a centralized online database of diversity programs, events, and services on campus, launched a new website to track our campus’s progress toward creating a more inclusive community.

The university created the Diversity Inventory (DI) following recommendations from the campus-wide Diversity Framework. DI strives to increase awareness of existing resources, enhance coordination of activities among campus partners, and efficiently collect and report diversity-related data.

Students, faculty, and staff have already added more than 600 initiatives to the database, with 42 percent of them representing student services. Initiatives range from professional workshops and graduation events to inclusive bathroom signage and innovative course curricula.

“DI provides a place for students, faculty, and staff to easily find and engage with campus initiatives and ultimately effect change,” says program director Dr. Torsheika Maddox. “Entering this new phase, DI’s data tools can also hold the campus accountable to its diversity and inclusion commitments and allow units to track their progress over time.”

DI’s website features a searchable database of initiatives as well as interactive charts and graphs that depict campus’s year-by-year efforts. It also spotlights outstanding initiatives that have been added to the database.

All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit their diversity- and inclusion-related efforts to the DI database. Submitting an initiative provides formal documentation and helps DI remain a comprehensive resource for campus.

Questions? Click here for help: diversityinventory.wisc.edu/resources

DI is part of UW–Madison’s diversity framework and is administered by the Office of the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer and the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement.

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