Resources during COVID-19: Supporting our Pan-Asian communities in this time of crisis

On Tuesday, May 19, a partnership of community, education and government organizations hosted  a virtual town hall  in response to xenophobic and hateful attacks directed at people of Asian descent in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 crisis. The event was an effort to let the community know they are supported in these unprecedented times and to share available resources by the organizations that have come together.

Following is  a list of government agencies and community organizations that participated and the services they offer to support those experiencing incidents of discrimination and bias, as well as information about hate crimes, hate speech and penalties in Wisconsin.

“I hope this important event will strengthen the collaboration between government entities and community-serving nonprofits in offering support to people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent in Wisconsin,” said Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway. “We will not stand for xenophobic and hateful attacks in our communities.”

Video testimonials on COVID-19 Experiences

Play the recording of  COVID-19: Supporting our Pan-Asian communities in this time of crisis (1 hr 24 mins)  Password: dZ3ggzw3

Representatives from the following organizations answered questions and offer ongoing assistance and resources:

Additional resource and contact information:

Screenshot of a resources PDF. Click to view.

Community Resources – Supporting Pan-Asian Community Town Hall (PDF)