Tribal Elder to teach Ho-Chunk language class

This semester the American Indian Studies Department will offer a Ho-Chunk language class, thanks to the commitment of Cecil Garvin, a Ho-Chunk elder who has been teaching the language here at UW-Madison for several years. Unfortunately at present students cannot receive university credit for studying Ho-Chunk with Cecil, but the Department is hoping that a credit set of courses can be in place by next fall.  By studying now, you can help make that a reality by showing interest in the language.

If you are interested in learning Ho-Chunk, please let me know via email and perhaps we can change the time of meeting somewhat — at present we’ve slated the class for tu/th 2:30-3:30. Since this is not a credit course, we encourage non-students to consider learning some of this beautiful language.

Rand Valentine, Professor of Linguistics, Director, American Indian Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison