Eight honored by UW–Madison as Outstanding Women of Color

Eight winners of the 2014-15 UW-Madison Outstanding Women of Color awards  will be honored at a free reception on Wednesday, Oct. 1, from 5-7 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge of the Pyle Center.

The honorees join a growing list of campus women of color who have been recognized for being heavily involved in the campus as well as the Madison community through their work toward research and civic enrichment.  To congratulate and  celebrate these women, register for the Oct. 1 reception.

The selection committee has also named Tong and Hull as the UW-Madison honorees for the UW System 19th Annual Awards to Outstanding Women of Color in Education.

This year’s 17 nominations from across the university’s academic and administrative areas is a record high.

“In the past seven years, UW-Madison has established a tradition of celebrating the tremendous work women of color do both on campus and in the larger community,” says Ruby Paredes, interim associate vice provost for diversity and climate.

“Not long after the UW System launched the Woman of Color in Education Awards nearly 20 years ago, we began to realize the Madison campus had a growing number of dedicated women who give so much and are seldom recognized. Now, each year the number of nominees grows and we’re more than pleased to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions.”

This year’s winners, along with comments by their nominators, are:

Shawnika Hull

Shawnika Hull

Shawnika Hull, assistant professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication; Center for Demography and Ecology, Department of Population Health Sciences. “Over the past four years, she has established herself as (1) an outstanding researcher, breaking new ground in cutting-edge areas of research, with a particular emphasis on health communication; (2) an unforgettable teacher and mentor to undergrad and graduate students alike; and (3) a highly valued colleague who has plunged wholeheartedly into service, both within and outside our school.”

Lillian Tong

Lillian Tong

Lillian Tong, faculty associate, WISCIENCE (formerly Institute for Biology Education); director of the University Educators Programs and Services; director of faculty/staff programs. She is being recognized “for her outstanding contributions to the campus and community in the area of women’s studies, scholarship and activism; her advocacy for women and students of color; her ability to form coalitions that rally behind the concerns of women and students of color; and her efforts to create positive changes at the institutional level.”

Angela Byars-Winston

Angela Byars-Winston

Angela Byars-Winston, associate professor, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine and Public Health. “She is a consummate teacher, researcher, mentor and community health advocate who works tirelessly to define and improve the impact of culture on academic and career development in racial/ethnic minority and female populations. As a nationally funded and awarded specialist in counseling psychology, her work is nationally known and impactful in the future diversification of STEM professions.”

Marla Delgado-Guerrero

Marla Delgado-Guerrero

Marla Delgado-Guerrero, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Counseling Psychology, School of Education. “She is a talented and motivated student who clearly exemplifies a passion for community service and educational advocacy for a wide range of historically underrepresented students to pursue higher education and community advancement. Her mentorship and educational service activities reflect outstanding commitment and efforts, serving as a role model and advocate for others.”

Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Sociology, College of Letters & Science. “She is an engine of change who heads a variety of efforts to build community, address inequities and improve the climate for minorities in the larger Madison community, on the UW campus and in the Department of Sociology. Her work on behalf of minority and disadvantaged populations effectively bridges the divides between academic work, social activism, community service and advocacy, seeking to ensure that the resources and benefits of the UW campus and the larger Madison community are equitably shared by all, especially the most vulnerable populations.”

Eva Vivian

Eva Vivian

Eva Vivian, associate professor (CHS), School of Pharmacy. “She has an unflagging commitment to the minority and underserved community in southern Madison. She is a talented academic who is also committed to patients and their well being, melding her teaching, practice, service and research to best serve the underserved. Known as someone who takes the time to do whatever is necessary to improve patient care, her work focuses on building sustainable collaborations between the UW health disciplines and Madison’s south side community to improve access to and quality of healthcare for low-income populations.”

Ruttanatip (Dang) Chonwerawong

Ruttanatip (Dang) Chonwerawong

Ruttanatip (Dang) Chonwerawong, assistant dean, Student Diversity Programs, School of Education. “She has been a longtime champion for student diversity and social justice and is a dedicated, passionate and approachable counselor, advisor and administrator. As the assistant dean for student diversity programs in the School of Education, she has an unwavering commitment to all marginalized student populations, serving as an outstanding hands-on teacher, compassionate mentor, policy advocate and program innovator who with grace and tact challenges assumptions about diversity, inclusion and fairness in the workplace and classroom.”

Carla Pugh

Carla Pugh

Carla Pugh, associate professor, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine and Public Health, has made “exceptional contributions to further social justice and improve the diversity of science and medicine through her advocacy, outreach and dedicated mentorship. Carla has inspired, motivated and empowered a generation of youth from underrepresented backgrounds, including women and young people of color, to pursue careers in science and medicine. She is a coveted speaker and encouraging spokeswoman on issues of women and people of color, particularly in the surgical profession.”


Honors  List of  UW-Madison Outstanding Women of Color


Desiree Alva, Assistant Director, Diversity Affairs Office, College of Engineering

Wilma Callaway, Assistant Director and Mentor Program Director, Center for Educational Opportunity

Karma Chávez, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies

Roberta Hill, Professor of English and American Indian Studies, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Li Chiao-Ping, Professor of Dance and Chair, Dance Department

Saemyi Park, PhD in Political Science

CarmenValdez, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology



Jacquelynn Dawn Arbuckle, Staff General Surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine and Public Health

Tonya Lynn Brito; Professor of Law, Law School

Dawn Bryant Crim, Associate Dean for External Relations, School of Education

Rohany Nayan, Ph.D., and Senior Fellow, The Lubar Institute for the Study of Abrahamic Religions



Leslie Bow, Professor of English and Asian American Studies Program, College of Letters & Science

Erica Laughlin, Director, Information Technology Academy (ITA), Division of Information Technology

Cynthia Lin, Social Justice Education Specialist, Multicultural Student Center, Division of Student Life

Ana Martinez-Donate, Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine & Public Health

Nancy Marie Mithlo, Assistant (now Associate) Professor of Art History and American Indian Studies, Department of Art History & American Indian Studies Program, College of Letters & Science

Manuela Romero, Assistant Dean for Student Diversity and Academic Services, College of Engineering



Araceli Alonso, FacultyAssociate& Lecturer, College of Letters & Science and School of Medicine & Public Health

Emuye Asfaw, Administrative Officer, Office of Human Resources

Diane Gooding, Professor of Psychology, College of Letters & Science; Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine & Public Health

Patty Loew, Associate Professor (now Professor), Life Sciences  Communication, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Sandra Magaña, Associate Professor (now Professor) of Social Work and Director, Latino/Latina Chicano/Chicana Studies Program

Idella Yamben, PhD Candidate, Cellular & Molecular Biology, and Research Assistant in Anatomy, School of Medicine & Public Health



Peggy Choy, Lecturer & Sr. Outreach Specialist, Dance & Southeast Asian Studies; now Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Dance

LeOndra Clark, PhD candidate,Department of Counseling Psychology

Sheri Williams Pannell, MFA candidate, Department of Theatre and Drama

May LeeMoua-Vue, Student Services Coordinator, International Student Services

Janice Rice, Senior Academic Librarian, Library System



Jacqueline DeWalt, Director of PEOPLE (Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence)

Laura Klunder, Residence Hall Manager, Kronshage Hall-Holt Commons; in 2008 appointed Assistant Director of Campus Programs for Leadership and Social Justice at Macalester College, Minneapolis

Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel, Senior Scientist, Urban and Regional Planning, College of Letters & Science and College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Mary Layoun, Professor of Comparative Literature, College of Letters & Science

Norma Saldivar, Professor of Theatre and Drama, also Chican@ andLatin@ Studies

Patricia A. Tellez-Girón, Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine, School of Medicine and Public Health


UW System Outstanding Women of Color in Education Award

UW-Madison Recipients

2013: Carmen Valdez, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, School of Education; and Roberta Hill, Professor of English and American Indian Studies, College of Letters & Science, and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

2012: Tonya Lynn Brito, Professor of Law, Law School; and Jacquelynn Dawn ArbuckleStaff General Surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Schoolof Medicine & Public Health

2010: Leslie Bow, Professor of English & Asian American Studies; and Ana Martinez-Donate, Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences

2009: Patty Loew, Professor, Life Science Communication, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

2008: Janice Rice, Senior Academic Librarian in College Library

2007: Linda Greene, Evjue Bascom Professor of Law, Law School

2006: Alberta Gloria, Professor of Counseling Psychology, School of Education

2005: Gloria Ladson-Billings, Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education and Professor of Curriculum & Instruction, School of Education

2004: Linda Denise Oakley, Professor, School of Nursing and Joann Pritchett, Director of Diversity, School of Pharmacy

2003: Hazel Symonette, Senior Policy Planning Analyst

2002: Seema Kapani, Director of Diversity Programs & Learning Communities

2001: Ada Deer, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

2000: Gloria Hawkins, Assistant Dean, School of Medicine & Public Health

1999: Amy Ling, Professor & Director, Asian American Studies

1998: Lucille Badger, Community Leader; Stanlie James, Professor, Afro-American Studies Department, and Nancy Rodriguez, Student

1997: Linda Stitt, Program Director, Wisconsin Union

1996: Nellie McKay, Professor, Afro-American Studies Department

1995: Mercile Lee, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs