SPOTLIGHT: Sharing Joy and ‘Posse Love!’

Summer is a key season for Posse. It’s when Posse cohorts arrive on campus, join up with the UW Posse family and attach their link in the Posse legacy (indicated by origin city and cohort number). This year we welcome LA 19, NY 11, Chicago 20 and DC 13.  UW-Madison was the first public university in the nation to become a Posse institution and remains the only partner drawing students from four cities – Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

That said, Posse is excited to welcome a new cohort of scholars and mentors and reflect on the successes and achievements of our outstanding scholars and community.


  • Our 33 Spring 2021 graduates are starting their careers and accepting graduate scholar offers as they transition from scholar to Alumni.
  • 165 Posse Scholars attended UW-Madison this spring.
  • Posse had a 99.4% retention rate for Spring semester.
  • 110 scholars achieved a 3.0+ with 12+ credits.



  • We are welcoming our new cohort of 40 scholars from NY, LA, DC, and Chicago.
  • We’ll be introducing 4 new Posse mentors this August.
  • STEM Posse scholars will participate in virtual STEM Immersion August 23-26.
  • The Posse virtual office is OPEN for the summer! Tuesday/Thursday 11 am-3pm.


Each of our Posse mentors is assigned to a Posse from one of UW-Madison’s partner cities; Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York. Our Posses from New York are specific to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Each mentor guides their Posse scholars through their first two years on campus, serving as an extremely valuable resource for academic success, leadership opportunities, personal wellness, and overall navigation of their UW-Madison experience.

Welcome to:

Robbie Manuel, NY 11 Mentor, Ph.D. Candidate in the Molecular & Environmental Toxicology

Layla Coleman, Chicago 20 Mentor, Masters of Library and Information Studies

Laura Newberry, LA 19 Mentor, J.D. Candidate

Isabella Annan, DC 13 Mentor, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology

From final package pick-ups to ice cream downtown, our scholars and mentors found joy in our community and each other closing out a difficult year. Photos courtesy of Posse Wisconsin.