Indigenous Speaker Series: Nicole Bowman on Partnership Policy

The next Indigenous Speaker Series talk will be next Friday, February 12th at 12pm. This edition will feature Nicole Bowman, the founder of Bowman Performance Consulting and Associate Scientist at UW-Madison’s School of Education. Scientific and evaluation innovator, Nicole advocates for the transformation of the field of evaluation through deep inclusiveness of Indigenous lifeways. Attached is the flyer for the event.

Nicole Bowman will be giving a talk on Good Relatives? Academia, Native Nations, and the Federal Evidence Based Policy Making ActShe will be discussing the pros, cons, and areas of UW/non-Tribal partners’ strengths regarding the 2018 Evidence Based Policy Making act becoming law. She will also discuss the priority areas of support needed for building non-Tribal academic capacities. Please register for the event using this zoom link.

Please feel free to share this with all who would be interested.Good Relations poster