Apply today for the McNair Scholars Program

Application Checklist Submitted through WiSH Portal:
1. Completed Application
2. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation (at least one letter must be from a professor)
3. Personal Statement:
Please provide a personal statement (no more than 1000 words). Please consider these guidelines as
you are writing this statement:

a. Why do you want to pursue a Ph.D.?
b. What are your short and long term career goals?
c. How can the McNair Scholars Program assist you in attaining those goals?
d. What specific research area interests you the most? Discuss any current research or a possible
research topic and mentor/professor with whom you would like to work.
e. Describe a personal example that shows your persistence and commitment to academic endeavors.

The following documentation must be submitted in hardcopy form to the McNair Staff by the
application deadline. Please submit documents to either Khadejah Ray or Dr. Audra Hernandez in the
McNair office (408 Bascom Hall) or to Erica Neal in the DDEEA main office (175 Bascom Hall) between
8 AM-3 PM.

4. Federal Tax Returns:
a. Include a signed copy of your 2017 federal tax returns (if you are claimed as a dependent,
submit the tax return of your parent/guardian who claimed
you). Please make sure your document includes the following (This is usually 1-2 pages long.):
i. Adjusted gross income
ii. Taxable income
iii. Signature or disclaimer about an electronic signature
iv. Note: DO NOT EMAIL FINANCIAL INFORMATION!! We will only accept hard copies of your financial
5. First-Generation College Status Form (Found here: