MECHA Presents: Reel Resistance Film Screenings & Discussion

Reel Resistence film screening posterThis week MECHA, would like to invites the campus to a 3-day event called “Reel Resistance” where we will focus on a wide variety of documentary films, which focus primarily on the effects of neoliberalism and militarism on indigenous communities, immigrant communities, and communities of color in the US and Mexico. The screenings will be followed by a discussion with the creator of the films.

October 10:
“OUT OF THE WAY” (Gentrification of Francisville, North Philly)

Ruby Sanders moved to Philadelphia in the 1960s after escaping loansharks in the plantations of South Carolina with her husband and their first 7 kids. In 2016, after living in her home for 50 years, she was evicted from the house because of gentrification in her neighborhood. Her, her grandson Speedy, another young man from the neighborhood, Yusuf, and several other neighbors tell us more about how rich white people moving to the neighborhood is transforming their community. They also explain how gentrification is part of all the racist violence their community has been suffering throughout history. From the so-called “war on drugs” to police brutality and from mass incarceration to public schools being shut down, this community is being pushed “Out of the Way”.

October 11:

Uncolonized is a short documentary film about a native family who decided never to enroll their two daughters into the public school system, choosing instead to homeschool them from birth. Chris is Potawatomi and Chasity is Navajo. Their daughters Nathaney and Mimicah, ages 11 and 7 at the time of filming, carry both of their parents lineages in the their blood, but also in their way of being. The film takes a critical look at the historical experiences of native children inside of the US public education system, and brings clarity to the decision of this family to keep their daughters out of the public school system, and therefore keep them UNCOLONIZED.

October 12:
Presentation talk:

Weapons, Drugs, and Neoliberalism
Crime and Corruption in the US/Mexico Political Economy

A breakdown of the neoliberal political economy currently functioning between Mexico and the United States will be given. From transnational resource exploitation to militarism to institutional corruption, The producer maps out the relationships between neoliberalism, militarism and organized crime in the USA and Mexico. The producer will give an updated account of the current political actors and the ongoing strategies of violence and coercion taking place across a common border.

Followed by the screening of:

“SOMOS UN CHINGO Y SEREMOS MAS” (Celebrating Seven Years of Self Governance in Cherán, Michoacán)

On Sunday May 27th, 2018 the indigenous Purépecha municipality of Cherán Michoacán named its third council of elders (Consejo Mayor, Cosejo de Keris) to the communal government of their community. Cherán has been practicing a traditional form of self-government for 7 years. Earlier this year, on April 15th, 2018 the community celebrated the 7 year anniversary of the it’s uprising against what they all call today: The narco government.