HoChunk language classes offered by UW American Indian Studies

The American Indian Studies Program and the Ho-Chunk Nation are pleased to announce that we will be offering informal (non-credit) classes in the Hoocąk language again this spring, under the direction of esteemed Ho-Chunk elder and fluent speaker, Cecil Garvin, and apprentices Laura Red Eagle and Chloris Lowe. Classes will be one hour a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will be offering both a beginner’s class and an advanced class (for those who have already taken at least one semester). Course content will be the same on both days for both classes, so that on any given week, you can attend either day, or both, if you’d like. The class is open to anyone, including students, faculty, staff, and senior auditors, as our focus is on community. All course materials will be generously provided by the Ho-Chunk Nation. While we will be meeting this coming week (January 23 (Tue) and 25 (Thu)), it will be fine to begin the week following. Classes are held at the American Indian Student and Cultural Center (AISCC), at 215 N. Brooks Street, located near the School of Business. Please email Laura Red Eagle (her email address is below) if you have an interest in attending. Thank you.

 Here is the schedule for the classes:

 Beginning Hoocąk:             Tu/Th     1-2 pm

 Advanced Hoocąk:             Tu/Th     2:15-3:15 pm

 There are also community classes located at the Tejop Hocira Branch Office, located on 4724 Tradewinds Parkway on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30.


Laura’s email:      hadjare@gmail.com