June 11 Equality March for Unity and Pride in Washington, D.C.

The “Equality March for Unity & Pride” is a grassroots movement which will mobilize the diverse LGBTQ+ communities to peacefully and clearly address concerns about the current political landscapes and how it is contributing to the persecution and discrimination of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Progress has been made over the past decade in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ inclusion, access, and justice, but there’s still so much more to be done – especially since the progress achieved is currently being threatened by increased hostile rhetoric, discriminatory policies, and violence perpetrated against the most vulnerable in our communities.

The Equality March, and sister events across the country, is to give voice to concerns, and to support, uplift, and bring attention to those in the LGBTQ+ communities who are targeted due to immigration status, ethnicity, religion, skin color, gender, and disability. The March will affirm and celebrate the mix of diverse communities.  Lack of unity has caused many needs to be neglected or ignored. But now, for 2017 and beyond, the community is working to learn from prior mistakes and come together through common belief in inalienable human rights and dignity for all.

On May 26, the National Co-Chairs of The Equality March for Unity and Pride announced the addition of several LGBTQ+ movement trailblazers who will serve as Honorary Co-Chairs and advisors in the planning and shaping of the June 11 march in Washington, D.C.  The Honorary Co-Chairs will bring their diversity and inspiring histories of advocacy in the LGBTQ+ liberation movements to bear to elevate the voices of the most underserved within the LGBTQ+ communities. Their experience and wisdom will also help guide more than 60 sister marches in cities across the country, on the same day, in solidarity with the March’s mission to support the ongoing struggle for rights and safety for all LGBTQ+ individuals and families, with similar emphasis on queer people of color, transgender, and gender nonconforming communities.

“I’m supporting the Equality March because we have reached the point where the LGBTQ community has to come together to show solidarity in our fight to protect the rights we have gained,” said Earl Fowlkes, President/CEO of the Center for Black Equity, Inc. “In addition, there are still members of our diverse communities who are still being marginalized as they attempt to live their lives authentically and we must march for them. I am honored to be selected as an honorary co-chair for this historic event.”

This is a local event to march in solidarity with those going to The Equality March for Unity and Pride On Washington DC.

The Unity and Pride March for Equality on Madison is the collective voice of all Wisconsin advocates for equality and inclusion. We are committed to fighting for the safety, health, and success of our communities. Let no voice go unheard. Let no one live in fear. Let all of us rise up for equal rights.  In solidarity with the The Equality March for Unity and Pride On Washington DC, we will march peacefully in Madison, WI.

This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports LGBTQIA+ rights is welcome:

– LGBTQIA+ Community
– Allies of LGBTQIA+ Community
– Families
– People of Color
– Immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees
– People with Disabilities
– Climate Change Advocates
– ALL religious communities
– Anyone else who wants to come out in support.

The current list of Honorary Co-Chairs includes:

  • Eric Alva, Civil Rights Activist
  • Senator Toni Atkins, California State Senator
  • Kylar Broadus, Executive Director, Trans People of Color Coalition
  • Jason Collins, NBA player, Activist, NBA Global Ambassador
  • The Honorable Tony Coelho, Former Member of Congress, Disability Rights Advocate, Principal author of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Ruby Corado, Founder, Casa Ruby
  • Earl Fowlkes, President/CEO, Center for Black Equity, Inc.
  • Ted Jackson, Disability and LGBTQ+ Advocate and former Director of Disability Community Engagment, DNC
  • Andrea Jenkins, Poet and Activist
  • Cleve Jones, Human Rights Activist, Author
  • ABilly S. Jones-Hennin, Founder, DC Coalition
  • David Mixner, Civil Rights Activist, Author
  • Jim Obergefell, Named Plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges
  • Rev. Troy Perry, Founder, Metropolitan Community Church
  • Sara Ramirez, Actress, Singer and Activist
  • Nadine Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Equality Florida
  • Patrick Smith, International Mr. Leather 2015
  • Dr. Imani Woody, Founding Director and CEO, Mary’s House for Older Adults

March Platform:

The National Co-Chairs have decided on the official platform for the March. The 15 platform points are as follows: Reproductive Justice, Immigration Justice, International, Indigenous / Two Spirit, Youth, Racial justice, Income Inequality, Disabilities Rights, Elder Rights, Legislative Issues, Violence, Biphobia, Transphobia, HIV/AIDS, Religion/Faith.

Participating Cities


WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the Equality March for Unity and Pride, a grassroots movement to center the most marginalized in the LGBTQ+ communities, released the map and route details for its June 11th march. The starting location will be on I (Eye) Street between 17th and 14th Street NW. Beginning at 10:00am ET, marchers will walk south on 17th Street, east onto Pennsylvania Ave, south on to 15th Street, east on Constitution Ave, ending at 7th Street onto the National Mall. See map below and attached.  With the Equality March for Unity and Pride less than two weeks away, the National Co-Chairs are also calling on members of the LGBTQ+ communities, their loved ones, and all those who stand in solidarity to register and help contribute funds for the march.

“In order to have a truly impactful March and get our mission heard, we need the help of everyone to make sure this march is successful,” said David Bruinooge, March Founder and National Co-Chair. “We’re asking that you take a moment to go to our website and make a contribution. This march is to give voice to our concerns, to support and bring attention to those in our communities who are targeted due to immigration status, ethnicity, religion, skin color, gender, and disability. It’s our time to march and we can only do it with your help.” http://www.equalitymarch2017.org/

“Volunteers also are needed for a variety of tasks but most importantly we need help the day of to ensure that all of our community members can participate as safely and positively as possible. If you’re interested in joining us, visit our website at http://www.equalitymarch2017.org/volunteer/ to sign up.”

For more information, visit www.equalitymarch2017.org

“Resource Impact is the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for the Equality March for Unity & Pride”