Campus Diversity Officers

As point person for diversity in school, college or division, the Diversity Officer or MDC (Multicultural Disadvantaged Coordinator) is charged to coordinate initiatives to promote and support the academic achievement of students—in particular, students from underrepresented and targeted groups. Diversity Officers or MDCs work with their administrative leaders, faculty and staff to address issues of climate in the classroom and workplace. In addition, they are regularly convened by the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, serving as one of the key working groups for the campus wide strategic priority to “enhance diversity and ensure excellence in education and research.”

Aaron Bird Bear

EDUCATION-Assistant Dean for Student Diversity Programs

Marianne Bird Bear


Tom Browne

AGRICULTURAL & LIFE SCIENCES-Assistant Dean for Minority Student Affairs

Mary Fitzpatrick

ENGINEERING-Director of Diversity Research and Initiatives

Mel Freitag

NURSING-Director of Diversity Affairs

Lisa Imhoff

PHARMACY-Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Emily Kite

LAW SCHOOL-Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

LaRuth McAfee

GRADUATE SCHOOL-Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Funding

Annette McDaniel

HUMAN ECOLOGY-Associate Dean

Binnu Palta Hill

BUSINESS-Director of Diversity

Carmen Reamer

Veterinary Medicine-Student Services Program Manager

Martin Rouse


Rebecca Ryan

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES-Senior Student Services Coordinator

Manuel Santiago

MEDICINE & PUBLIC HEALTH-Director of Multicultural Affairs

Doug Tiedt

ATHLETICS-Senior Associate Director

DeVon Wilson