University of Wisconsin–Madison

Diversity Framework Initiative Updates

  • R.E.E.L Change Model Implementation Updates

    University of Wisconsin-Madison is committed to providing a welcoming environment that enables all students, faculty and staff to thrive. Individuals and groups from across campus have embraced his challenge and devoted significant time and energy …
  • Campus Climate Survey Update

    In the Fall of 2016, all UW-Madison students were asked to take part in a Campus Climate survey. The survey asked questions about the climate on campus for students. Results will be used to guide …
  • DIP Update: February, 2017

    UW Madison and the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) is pleased to announce the official launch of the University’s Diversity Inventory Program (DIP.) The searchable online database will collect, update, and report …
  • DIP Update: November, 2016

    Torsheika Maddox will make a presentation of DIP at the Diversity Forum, which begins at 8:00 am on November 1, and ends with late night programming for 2nd and 3rd shift staff at 1:00 am on November 2.
  • DIP Update: October, 2016

    Campus-wide Listening and Feedback Sessions were held in the Spring and Fall of 2016 to learn about what the campus community desired from the database related to potential usage, functionality, and user experience.
  • DIP Update: September, 2016

    The DIP team completed seven listening and feedback sessions in which approximately five-hundred UW-Madison faculty, staff and students participated.
  • DIP Update: April, 2016

    DIP Updates: April, 2016 1. DoIT has been contracted to build the database. 2. The information from the “Listening and Feedback Sessions” is being synthesize a. Next Steps:
  • DIP Update: February, 2016

    Listening and Feedback Sessions were held on February 10th, February 10th, February 12th, February 15th, February 16th, February 19th to solicit your input and insights into the functions, needs, and design you feel the database …