John Quiñones gestures while speaking at a podium on a stage in front of a large, seated audience. A projection screen behind him shows a book cover with the title "What Would You Do?"

Diversity Events

From our signature Diversity Forum, which is open to the entire campus and community, to faculty receptions and cultural heritage celebrations, the Office of the Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer along with the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement hosts an annual series of events to learn and share about diversity practices and issues, salute the achievements of diverse individuals on campus and in the community, and to instruct and celebrate traditions with our students.

Our events are designed to fill people-centric needs at myriad levels of diversity and inclusion. We work with countless faculty and administrative partners, experts, student organizations and facilitators to offer quality events and programming on both an ongoing and as-needed basis, while always valuing innovation and the best practices that will move our work toward excellence.

The result is a campus where every individual can feel included, respected and recognized for all aspects of their identity, as well as be ensured that fearless educational “sifting and winnowing” prepares and empowers them to realize the traditional Wisconsin Idea to influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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